Who's who

Unlike many organisations, the Rotary Year spans from 1 July until 30 June, and for 2016/17, the current year's Club Officers are as follows:


PresidentBob Carroll
President ElectRod Leeming
Immediate Past PresidentPhil Jones
Vice PresidentStuart Robertson
SecretaryMichael Pink
TreasurerDavid Masters
Chair, Club ServiceRod Leeming
Chair, Community ServiceJohn Williams
Chair, Vocational ServicePat Rosser
Chair, Foundation ServiceStuart Robertson
Chair, International ServiceCyril Kieldsen
Chair, Youth ServiceTony Archer
Dining StewardStuart TalbotOur President 2016/17   


You may contact any of us, in the first instant through the Secretary, by clicking the button below: