Who's who

Unlike many organisations, the Rotary Year spans from 1 July until 30 June.

For the current Rotary year, our Club Officers are as follows:


Club Position / Officer 2017/18 Position Holder


Rod Leeming

President Elect Stuart Robertson

Vice President Nolene Harris

Secretary Michael Pink

Treasurer David Masters

Community John Williams

Dining Steward Stuart Talbot

Equality and Diversity Doreen Davis

Rotary Foundation Jeremy Gauntlett

Fundraising Stuart Robertson

International Cyril Kieldsen

Membership Andrew Mearon

Public Image Jeremy Gauntlett

Safeguarding Alan Blanchette

Sports and Social Hadyn David

Vocational Martin Hamilton-Sharp

Youth Nolene Harris

Welfare Alan Woolston

Webmaster Andrew Hudson

CIO Chair Rod Leeming


You may contact any of us. To do this and unless an Officer is listed for direct contact, please do this initially through the Secretary by clicking the button below: